Threaded Pipes in NSW

Innovative Uses of Threaded Pipes in DIY Projects

Exploring Creative Applications of Threaded Pipes in DIY Projects

Unlock the creative potential of threaded pipes in your DIY endeavours with Ezimetal, a trusted metal fabricator and supplier in Newcastle. Explore the versatility of these sturdy materials and discover how they can transform various aspects of home improvement and crafting projects.

Furniture Projects

Ezimetal’s threaded pipe fittings provide the foundation for crafting industrial style furniture. Transform ordinary pieces into extraordinary creations by incorporating these sturdy and versatile materials. Build rugged shelves, robust tables or chic clothing racks with ease, adding a touch of industrial charm to your home. Elevate your furniture projects with threaded galvanised pipes from Ezimetal for a unique and stylish DIY experience.

Decorative Items

Elevate your interior design with decorative items using threaded galvanized pipe fittings. Imagine curtain rods, towel racks, lighting fixtures and plant stands that add a distinctive touch to your space.

Outdoor Projects

Extend your DIY prowess to the outdoors with threaded galvanised pipes. Build sturdy garden trellises, outdoor seating and patio furniture that withstand the elements, enhancing your outdoor living spaces with durable and stylish creations.

Storage Solutions

Maximise space and organisation with threaded pipes in storage solutions. Create wall mounted coat racks, bike racks and garage storage systems that optimise functionality in homes and workshops. Explore the versatility of threaded pipes in bringing order to your living spaces.

Safety and Installation Tips

When working with threaded pipes, prioritise safety and installation accuracy. Always wear protective gear, including gloves and safety glasses, to shield against sharp edges. Ensure precise measurements for accurate fittings and use the appropriate tools to tighten connections securely. Adequately anchor structures to prevent instability, and when using threaded pipes outdoors, choose materials that resist corrosion. Following these safety and installation tips ensures a secure and durable outcome in your DIY projects.


Threaded pipes prove to be a cost effective solution for DIY enthusiasts, offering both affordability and durability. Compared to traditional building materials, threaded pipes are budget friendly and readily available, making them an ideal choice for various projects. Their versatility allows for innovative designs in furniture, decorative items and storage solutions, ensuring that DIYers can achieve professional results without breaking the bank.

Choose Threaded Pipes for Your Next Project

Threaded pipes offer a world of possibilities in DIY projects. With Ezimetal’s support, you can harness the creative potential of these versatile materials to build furniture, decorative items, outdoor projects and storage solutions. Embrace the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of threaded pipes, and let your imagination run wild as you bring your design ideas to life.

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