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An Ezimetal delivery truck of Mitsubishi brand.

Australia-Wide Delivery Services

When you need steel and metal products delivered in and around Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter Region, and the Central Coast, we've got you covered here at Ezimetal. From Gloucester to Gosford, Singleton to Soldiers Point, our affordable steel delivery service can save you a lot of running around.

While our trucks primarily operate in the above areas, we can arrange to send your steel and other metal products to many other locations in Australia. Get in touch to discuss the scope of your project and find out if we deliver to your specific area.


Our Specialised Delivery Vehicles

At Ezimetal, we have a fleet of specially designed trucks that transport our steel and various metal products around Newcastle and Sydney. We will also work with freight companies to have your products delivered to many other locations in Australia.

We aim to deliver your products on time and in perfect condition. If it isn’t possible to meet at your precise location and position, we may unload at an alternative location or between the boundary of the property and the road. Our trucks can often weigh in excess of 10 tonnes, meaning they can be bogged in soft or damaged ground. It is important that your site has firm and even ground.


Delivery Frequency around NSW

See the chart below to gain an understanding of how frequently we deliver to certain areas of New South Wales. If you require immediate delivery or delivery outside of our standard times, we will work with you to achieve this goal at a minor additional cost. Contact the Ezimetal team to find out what’s possible.


Get in Touch with Our Team Today

To find out if we service your area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced professionals at Ezimetal. You can call us on 02 4987 4210 or you can contact us online.