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Steel Mesh Products

From walkways to pet enclosures to machine guards, our steel mesh products are used in an incredible array of situations. If your project requires steel mesh, talk to Ezimetal Raymond Terrace. We can deliver in Newcastle, the Hunter Region, the Central Coast, throughout the Sydney area, and beyond. Ensuring value for money and superior quality, we supply the very best products in the quantities you need. 

Our Products 

Talk to your steel mesh stockists for these products:

Stocked Pile of Welded steel mesh
  • Weldmesh: Available in Handy Sheets, Industrial Sheets and Reinforcing Sheets, Weldmesh can be used for a range of purposes and can be cut in many sizes.
Closeup of Diamond Shaped Expanded Mesh
  • Expanded Mesh: Cut and stretched into a diamond shape, the result is an versatile metal product. View our sizes online or come and view a real life sample.
Closeup image of customised Woven wire mesh
  • Woven Mesh: Woven wire mesh is available in a range of finishes with hole sizes up to 25mm. Ezimetal can also customise the wire thickness and cut your mesh to length.

The Best Steel Mesh Products in Newcastle 

At Ezimetal, we pride ourselves on delivering quality products and flexible services that help you get the job done. Our family business has been in the industry for more than a decade and we understand the mesh products you need. Call us on 02 4987 4210 for more advice or contact us online.