Four orange horizontal lines with Pipe threading text
Close look of pipe threading machine

Our Threaded Pipe Supplies and Threaded Pipe Fittings

Ezimetal stocks a range of pre-made threaded pipe pieces, as well as threaded pipe fittings to match. Threaded pipes and fittings are a classic solution that offers efficiency and affordability for a range of applications.

Our threaded pipe supplies and fittings include:

• Threaded pipe pieces
• Elbow fittings
• Sockets
• Tee fittings
• Threaded pipe flanges
• Bends
• Caps
• Nipple fittings
• Crosses

Our Threaded Pipe Supplies and Pipe Fittings

The steel pipe suppliers at Ezimetal provide a great range of threaded pipe and threaded pipe fittings. If you’re looking to buy threaded pipe in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast, and beyond, you’ve come to the right place. You can trust our team to supply only the best.

Custom Cut and Threading Service

Our steel pipe team can also cut and thread non-standard lengths in various diameters to suit your requirements. If our standard threaded pipe pieces don’t match your needs, enquire about our pipe threading service for a custom solution.

Buy Threaded Pipe in Newcastle Today

Would you like to learn more about our pipe threading service or get a quote on our steel supplies? We’re ready to talk to you today. Threaded pipe fittings and supplies that are listed as stock items are ready for fast delivery across Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast. Non-stock items can be ordered in quickly for your needs.

For all enquiries, please contact Ezimetal online or by phone today.