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RHS & Pipe Suppliers

Ezimetal can handle a range of Pipe and Rectangular Hollow Sections. Click on one of the products below for more information.


We provide a range of high-quality RHS and Pipe products. Be sure to check our stock lists on each page for sizes and availability.

Reliable Australian steel RHS tubing with a pre-galvanized finish
  • RHS galvanized: High quality, reliable Australian steel RHS tubing with a pre-galvanized finish. These products are designed for excellent corrosion resistance and are suitable for any role in construction.
Australian made prime-painted finish RHS
  • RHS prime painted: A large range of stock and non-stock sizes with a prime-painted finish. Non-stock items can be ordered subject to availability. Ezimetal only stocks easy to work with, Australian made RHS products.
Commercial Grade galvanized steel pipe
  • Commercial grade pipe: Heavy duty, versatile black and galvanized pipe products. This range includes stock and non-stock products that can be ordered on request and cut to size.
Precision Tube Steel Supplies in Newcastle
  • Precision tube: A broad range of tubing in light gauges, suitable for any type of light-duty tube steel construction. Ask us about our "Galvabond" and "Semi-Bright" finishes.
Zoomed black and white image of Ezimetal line pipe
  • Line pipe: We offer a selection of line pipes in a broad range of sizes from 80 to 1050mm. Prices are available on application.

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