Steel Flooring Products Supplier

Whether you're looking to re-stump a house, install public hand-railing or just get high strength flooring, our range is ideal for you. Based in Newcastle, Ezimetal provides a variety of steel flooring products, with delivery networks throughout New South Wales and around Australia.  If you can’t find what you want, simply ask our expert steel suppliers and we’ll try to chase it down for you.

Our Flooring Range

Our flooring products are ideal for many applications and are available in a range of different lengths:

Duragal Pier
  • Duragal Flooring: The Duragal Flooring System boasts incredible strength, adjustable piers and low labour costs. It’s the ideal solution for perfectly level floors or re-stumping an existing house. 
  • Hand Railing: Our “ball & tube” handrail systems are functional and easy to install. They are available in a range of options including standard platform, corner platform, and side mount. 
  • Unipiers: We supply this steel pier system in two post sizes and a range of different lengths. It’s an alternative to the Duragal Flooring System if you don’t need adjustable piers. 
Welded Grating placed on flat surface
  • Welded Grating: If you’re building a driveway, car park or another industrial flooring application that needs great drainage and durability, consider welded grating from Ezimetal.  


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If you’re unsure what products you need or you can’t find what you’re looking for, talk to our team. Contact Ezimetal online or call 02 4987 4210 to see if we can source the flooring product you’re after.