Cutting Services

If you need metal cut to size, whether it's one piece or thousands, we can help you  here at Ezimetal Raymond Terrace. We have the equipment and skilled operators that are needed for precision cutting every time.

From heavy gauge structural beams to flat sheets and plates, our team has the  expertise that you are looking for.

Brobo cold cutting saw in Australia

Brobo cold-cutting saw

Our trusty Brobo cold-cut saw is always kept busy because most of our metal cutting is carried out using this machine. It gives a good clean cut every time, making it ideal for repetitive production runs.

Band saw

Our versatile, high-capacity band saw is perfectly suited for cutting your heavy universal beams, PFCs, and other large section products up to 500 x 400mm. Its computerised auto-feed provides accuracy and a clean finish that facilitates the perfect fit that our clients need. And the ability to do "pack cuts" means we can process larger quantities and a more economical price than ever.

Guillotine cutting services in Australia
Guillotine 2

Guillotine cutting

Now having TWO guillotines on site, Ezimetal Raymond Terrace can take on a range of jobs that others can't handle. The first can slice through 3 metres of width and 8mm of thickness like a knife through warm butter. The second will handle up to 4 metres  wide and a maximum of 6.5mm thick.

Friction Saw

Friction drop saw

The friction drop-saw is a great stand-by for cutting items that are too light for the Brobo saw, such as purlins and other light metal components.

Thanks to our expert cutting services, our clients can choose from a wider range of  steel sheet and plate options to suit their specific requirements. Take a look at our sheet metal and plate page to see the huge range.

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