Why Choose Australian Made Products for RHS Tubes

RHS (rectangular hollow steel) tubing is used for a wide variety of construction and fabrication purposes. This tubing is extremely popular for the construction of furniture, frames, and all sorts of load bearing uses.

RHS is preferred in situations where its flat sides allow it to fit against surface facings and is more appropriate than round tubing in many design environments. RHS tubes are also easier to work with during the fabrication process because straight edges can be fitted to the flat side more readily.

RHS can be used for so many different types of metal fabrication. With the huge range of sizes and thicknesses available, it can be used in countless different ways. No wonder it’s the ideal choice for both light and heavy jobs.

The Hazards of Inferior Quality RHS Tubing

With a wide range of potential uses, the quality of this steel tubing is very important. Inferior quality steel presents a range of problems:

  • Uncertain load capacity
  • Steel that bends badly, even fracturing in extreme cases. This can actually be unsafe to work with during fabrication – not to mention costly and frustrating
  • Difficulty in welding, causing unreliable joins

Sourcing Low-Grade RHS Tubing

Most low-grade RHS tubing is sourced from outside Australia. While it may be cheap, this steel is often badly made and it will lead to a range of problems when it comes to production.

The tell-tale signs of low-quality RHS tubing are:

  • Very cheap prices: Good steel costs more to manufacture, meaning the baseline price will be similar across the industry. If the price if of your RHS tubing is too good to be true, be wary of the product.
  • Not made in Australia: Australian steel is top quality. It is made in a highly competitive industry environment with a reputation for generations of excellent products. RHS made in Australia will always be stamped to verify where and when it was manufactured. If you don’t see a production stamp, it should raise a red flag.

How to Source Top Quality RHS Tubing

The easy way to ensure you get the best RHS tubing is:

  • Buy Australian RHS tubing: You can be sure of quality and that the steel will be suitable for your purposes.
  • Buy from reputable manufacturers: Top Australian steel manufacturers won’t consider substandard quality RHS for the reasons listed above. By choosing a reputable manufacturer, you take out the guess work in purchasing.


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