Aluminium sheet and tread plate
Tread Plate

Aluminium Sheet and Tread Plate

Standard 5-Bar Tread Plate

Aluminium checker plate comes in a couple of different patterns. This one is called the 'Five Bar' pattern. It's the most economical, and has the most thicknesses to choose from.

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Propeller Plate

'Propellor Plate'

The other pattern available in aluminium checker plate is known as 'propellor plate', because of the appearance of the bars in this pattern.  The main advantage of propellor plate is its shiny finish - very smick!
 We carry the 1.6mm thickness in stock, and it's also available in 3.0mm.
Aluminium Plain Sheet

Plain Aluminium Sheets

We also carry a great selection of plain sheets in our Aluminium racks.