2 Fence Panel Galvanised U-Clips


U Clips

Used for fixing weldmesh sheets and fence panels to posts and other structures. Very handy!
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Purlin Bracket GP

Purlin Brackets

General Purpose, to suit:
Holes are punched to suit the standard end punching on the appropriate size. GP Brackets allow you to make a 90 degree joint from either the open side or the closed side of a C-Purlin.

Purlin Bracket HD

HEAVY DUTY Purlin Brackets

NEW! Hot-dip Galvanised!
HEAVY DUTY Purlin Brackets, to suit:
C100, 150 & C200
Ideal as hold-down brackets where you're using c-purlins as uprights. The hot-dip gal coating provides durability when used in contact with the ground. Holes are punched to suit the standard punching for each size.