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25 x 25mm Gusset-style corner brackets

Corner Brackets

Here's a great way to make a simple 90 degree corner with 25 x 25mm RHS. Perfect for making light weight gates or panels. Economical and easy to use. They're great for adding extra strength to a joint made with our plastic joiners.

Available individually or cheaper in a pack of 25

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2 Fence Panel Galvanised U-Clips

U Clips

Used for fixing weldmesh sheets and fence panels to posts and other structures. Very handy!
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Purlin Bracket GP

Purlin Brackets

General Purpose, to suit:
Holes are punched to suit the standard end punching on the appropriate size. GP Brackets allow you to make a 90 degree joint from either the open side or the closed side of a C-Purlin.

Purlin Bracket HD

HEAVY DUTY Purlin Brackets

NEW! Hot-dip Galvanised!
HEAVY DUTY Purlin Brackets, to suit:
C100, 150 & C200
Ideal as hold-down brackets where you're using c-purlins as uprights. The hot-dip gal coating provides durability when used in contact with the ground. Holes are punched to suit the standard punching for each size.

Two pergola metal brackets having holes, one is standing & the other lying horizontal.

Pergola Brackets

As the name implies, these are intended for use in light structures such as pergolas, but they come in handy for dozens of other uses as well.