Cutting & Grinding Discs

They reckon that with a welder and a grinder you can do just about anything. So no matter what you're doing with steel, sooner or later you'll probably want some discs for your grinder.

Ever had cutting discs that you bought on the cheap, and wished you didn't? Maybe you went through several discs to make one cut, or perhaps they shattered?

At Ezimetal, we don't want that to be your experience. We sell only world renowned PFERD brand cutting and grinding discs. They are known for their reliability and quality, and we can be confident supplying them to our customers.

High performance discs designed for stainless steel as well as mild steel. Once you've used these, you won't want to use anything else.

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Features: Cutting & Grinding Discs

PFERD brand metal cutting and grinding discs
Grinding Disc 125 loose
Pferd Brand Flap Sanding disc 125mm