Four orange horizontal lines with plastic joiners text

Ezimetal - Plastic Joiners

These joiners are a handy way to join RHS tube without welding. They're made specifically to suit 25 x 25 x 1.6mm RHS. Just bang 'em in for a tight connection. Terrific for light jobs. (Check out the video below for more information on sizing).

The word's out, and we're now sending these all over Australia. Try our Online Shop and order what you need whenever it suits you, or send us a message and we'll quote you to deliver them wherever you are!

All these are available individually or cheaper in a pack of 25 - and all are in stock right now!

Black coloured plastic joiner placed vertical.
Black color 3 way Plastic corner joiners
3 way Black color plastic Joiner
Black color Plastic Corner 4 way Joiners
Black color 5 way Plastic corner joiners


25 x 25mm Gusset-style corner brackets

Metal Corner Brackets

Here's a great way to strengthen a simple 90 degree corner with 25 x 25mm RHS. Perfect for making bird aviaries or fence panels. Economical and easy to use.

Available individually or cheaper in a pack of 25