threaded pipe and fittings

Threaded Pipe & Fittings

We carry in stock a range of pre-made threaded Pipe Pieces. We can also cut and thread other lengths and diameters to suit your requirements. Contact us to learn more about our threading service or to ask for a quote.

Features: Threaded Pipe & Fittings


expanded metal mesh piece with diamond pattern.


Galvanised threaded pipe ELBOW 20nb x 90 deg
Threaded Pipe Elbow MF


Galvanised threaded metal pipe socket placed vertical.


Galvanised threaded metal pipe TEE.


Silver Color Malleable Iron Floor Flange


Galvanised threaded pipe bend of 50 nb X 90 deg


Two galvanised pipe caps lying next to each other, one of the caps kept inverted.


Threaded Pipe Nipple


Threaded Pipe Cross