Expanded Mesh WK4514 Black

Expanded Mesh

Expanded mesh is made from flat sheets of steel through a process of cutting slits in the sheet at specific places, then stretching the sheet to open up the slits into a diamond shape. This produces a versatile product that is used in a huge variety of situations, from security screens, safety guards and industrial flooring.

The chart below lists a selection of sizes we carry in stock at Ezimetal Raymond Terrace, with many other sizes available to order in. Expanded Meshes are best identified by sight from real-life samples. That way you can get a feel for the strength and weight of the mesh as well as the hole size. You'll find samples in store and if you need one that's not a stock item, we'll order it in for you. Usually available in a day or two.

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Features: Expanded Mesh

Walkway Mesh WK4514

Material Thickness: 5.0mm

Strand Width: 8.0mm

Overall Diamond Size: 135 x 45mm

Opening Size: 96 x 32mm