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Black Steel Sheet in Newcastle

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Hot-Rolled Sheet

HRC (Hot-Rolled Commercial steel sheeting) is most commonly used for a range of general purpose situations, including trailer floors and fuel tanks. This steel sheet is easy to weld and fold, making it a reliable choice for DIYers and experienced tradespeople.

What Is Hot Rolling?

Hot rolling involves rolling the steel at a very high temperature; it must be above the steel’s recrystallisation temperature – 920°C. When steel reaches these temperature heights, it can be easily moulded and formed in much larger sizes. HRC is typically more affordable than cold-rolled steel because there is minimal delay in the manufacturing process.

However, once the steel cools off, it has a tendency to shrink slightly which gives you less control over the shape and size of the finished product. This means hot-rolled steel is most commonly used in situations where precise shapes and tolerances aren’t required.

CRC Sheet

Cold-Rolled Sheet

Cold-Rolled Black Sheet (CRC) is much softer and more malleable than HRC, making it perfect for jobs that require the sheet to be shaped in a precise and particular way. For example, CRC is ideal for bodywork on cars.

What is Cold Rolling?

Essentially, CRC is hot-rolled sheet that has had further processing. After the hot-rolling process, the steel is cooled at room temperature and then undergoes annealing and/or tempers rolling. Cold reduction mills will produce steel with closer dimensional perfection with a wider variety of surface finishing.

The benefits of the cold-rolled black sheet process include:

  • Increased yield and tensile strengths
  • Turning removes surface imperfections
  • Grinding narrows the original size tolerance range
  • Polishing will improve the surface finish

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