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Galvanised Sheet Metal In Newcastle

What Is Galvanising?

Galvanising is used to protect metals from corrosion. It involves applying a thin coating of zinc to a base metal, which shields it from environmental factors. The muted silver colour that you would have seen on street signs, for example, is evidence of a protective zinc coating.

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GALVABOND® Steel Products in Newcastle

GALVABOND® is simply galvanised sheet metal. Across Australia, this high-quality sheet is used as protection from water corrosion, in trailer canopies, pump covers and a whole lot more. Sizes vary and you can purchase stock items in any quantity you require.

GALVABOND® steel products are manufactured in a continuous hot-dip-galvanised process. These high-quality sheets were designed with specific features in mind to suit manufacturing requirements of Australian builders and DIYers. It is easily recognizable by its spangled surface.

There is a range of different coating masses and pack sizes available. You can be confident with BlueScope GALVABOND® Steel because all Australian building standards have been carefully observed.

Why Do We Galvanise Metal?

Galvanising any steel product prevents it from oxidising and corroding, making it last longer and look more attractive. Galvanised steel is more affordable than stainless steel and aluminium – metals which also have anti-corrosion properties.

GALVABOND® steel is suitable for general manufacturing purposes, such as:

  • Tube-formed products
  • Air conditioning ducts and panels
  • Feeder troughs
  • Scaffolding, planks & rendering mesh
  • Metre boxes, trailers & cable trays