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Ezimetals Solutions

What are we on about?

Ezimetal has been part of the New South Wales steel and aluminium scene since early in the 2000's. We're a family-owned outfit that specializes in doing what many others either can't or won't do.  You know what it's like - you want a bit of material to do a small job, or to finish off a larger one, and you don't want to cough up for a whole length or sheet that you know you'll probably never use.

Here's the solution: for almost everything we stock, we'll cut off what ever you need. Of course if you do buy a whole length, you'll pay a lower rate, so you get to decide which option will suit you better. This is great for you - not just if you're a home handy man, but also if you're any kind of tradie or manufacturer who doesn't want more material that you need for the current job.

Naturally, you might want a lot more material than a cut piece. If that's the case, we're set up to look after you, too. Our stocks include pipe, RHS, flat bar, round bar, angle, sheet metal - all available in cut pieces as well as full lengths - all at competitive prices. Plus there's a vast range of products that we can get our hands on. Take a look at our Products pages to see which is which - or get in touch for more info.

Besides all this, we do some light steel fabrication and sheet metal cutting and folding on the premises. Then when you need to get the gear onto your job, we have a fleet of trucks (including a couple fitted with a hi-ab crane) that will do the job for you. Look at our Services pages for more info.

All this makes us pretty much a one-stop shop if you're after anything to do with steel or aluminium.