Rolls of aluminum sheet kept in a warehouse

What Are The Most Common Uses for Aluminium?

If you’re talking about consumer and industrial products, aluminium can be used for anything and everything. Aluminium is one of the most versatile of all the metals, used in everything from housing to aircrafts to cars and a vast range of different electrical products.

Aluminium isn’t just used for almost any product; it can be used for almost any design criteria, too. Aluminium is a truly useful design material that offers a wide range of values for all types of product design.

Typical uses in design include:

  • Weight reduction: Aluminium reduces weight in comparison to steel and other metals and offers a great strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Corrosion resistance: This is a high-value use for using aluminium, protecting vulnerable and exposed areas of products.
  • Appearance: Aluminium is only rivalled by stainless steel for an immaculate design and appearance. 

Aluminium and Fabrication

Aluminium becomes a major asset in all types of fabrication. This very flexible, highly malleable metal can be fabricated in an astonishing range of forms. It’s easy to bend, making it the metal of preference for all kinds of products.

Aluminium sheets and plates can be stamped, bent, pressed and fabricated in just about any form you want. If you take a look around any shop or home, you’ll see at least a few cubic metres of aluminium in various forms. It’s used for everything from frying pans to edging on tables, kitchen fittings to trimming, blinds, and more. You name it; aluminium is the product for these roles.

It’s fair to say that aluminium is the default choice of metal for many types of manufacturers for those reasons. It’s a well proven, absolutely reliable product with excellent product life. Aluminium products typically last for years.

Aluminium alloys are also popular for much the same reason. The difference is that the alloys tend to be stronger and better suited for some roles. Depending on your design needs, you can use aluminium and alloys to deliver a great look and good performance in just about any type of product.


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