Welded Grating

Welded Grating is ideal for flooring applications when a combination of good drainage and high strength is required. Often used in driveways and carparks for drain grates, as well as industrial walkways and stairways.

There are a number of options to think about when you want to order welded grating.

* Load Bars - the load is carried by the flat steel bars. These are available in sizes ranging from 20 x 3mm to 65 x 5mm
* Spacings - The Load Bars can be spaced 30mm 40mm or 60mm. Also, the twisted Cross Bars can be spaced at either 50mm or 100mm.
* Surface - Welded grating can be supplied with either a plain surface or serrated for extra grip.
* Finish - Choose from black steel or hot-dip galvanized.
* Edging - Panels can be supplied with flat bar edging welded right round each panel, or non-edged for economy.
* Panel size - Choose from standard panels or made-to-size sections.

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