Ezimetal Product - Paint

If you use steel, you're probably going to need some decent paint at some stage. At Ezimetal, we provide a selection of reliable primers for a range of situations.

Zinc Aerosol

Silver Zinc is the latest technology in a fast drying industrial strength 100% epoxy coating designed to protect steel against corrosion, while at the same time providing a hot dip silver appearance.

Available in Silver, Black, White and Grey

Red Metal Primer

The old favourite, stocked in 4 Ltr tins suitable for general purpose steel protection prior to applying a top-coat. (Also stocked in Grey)

Super Etch

This paint is ideal if you want to paint onto galvanized or aluminium surfaces, where a top coat would normally peel off. A one-pack epoxy etch primer, with excellent adhesion and anti-corrosive properties, Super Etch is suitable to be used on mild steel, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized iron, chrome and zincanneal. Hard to beat.