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ZINCANNEAL® Sheet in Newcastle

ZINCANNEAL® sheet offers customers much the same features as GALVABOND® from BlueScope Steel. However, ZINCANNEAL® has the added advantage that its flat finish provides a great bonding surface for paint.

ZINCANNEAL® steel products are perfectly manufactured for bending, roll-forming, welding and painting purposes that will meet your fabrication performance requirements. The surface is spangle-free, making it suitable for painting. Prior to painting, it will come in a matte grey zinc/iron alloy coating.

The Many Applications of ZINCANNEAL® Steel

ZINCANNEAL® steel sheet is highly regarded by industry tradespeople and DIYers because it can be used for a range of applications. BlueScope is known for their high-quality and reliable products, so you can rest assured that your project will be enhanced by using ZINCANNEAL® steel.

Typical uses include:

  • Exposed, painted panels
  • Washing machines
  • Car panels and components
  • Doorframes
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Switchboards
  • Commercial refrigerators and freezers

This excellent and versatile sheet metal is suitable for direct painting and is guaranteed to not age due to its galvanised properties. Additionally, it is free from stretcher strain.

Why Do We Galvanise Metal?

Galvanising is used to protect metals from corrosion by applying a thin coating of zinc to it, thereby shielding it from environmental factors. Galvanising a metal prevents it from oxidising and corroding, making it last longer and look more attractive. Galvanised steel is a more affordable option than competing metal sheet.