Overhead galvanized steel roof with green beams

What kind of metalsheet should you use for water?

Sheet metal that is exposed to water needs to be as resistant as possible to corrosion. Whether the metal sheeting is used for roofing, machinery, or any other purpose, it’s critically important that it’s able to withstand wet conditions.

Corrosion and Why It’s So Important

Adverse Effects Of Corrosion :

Everybody knows that metal rusts in water. What’s not generally understood is that corrosion can be a serious problem for any type of metal structure.

These are the basic problems to consider:

  1. Corrosion is progressive: It spreads, undermining the steel structure and weakening it. This is an ongoing oxidisation process that can effectively make metal products dangerous and unusable.
  1. Corrosion allows water penetration: At a certain point, corrosion will allow water into buildings, machinery and other areas. This can do serious damage to interior structures, machinery and even affect electrical systems.
  1. Corrosion compromises safety: Weakened metal can be unsafe. Whether it’s a steel roof, a metal base plate or machine housing, or even outdoor furniture when metal is weakened it becomes potentially unsafe.
  1. Corrosion is expensive to fix or replace: Corrosion may render metal useless, requiring replacement. If you’ve ever seen an advanced case of corrosion, you’ll know that the rust is extensive and penetration is common. It eventually gets to a point where it can’t be ignored. Replacement costs can be quite expensive.

The Simple Solution: Galvanized Metal

The best way to avoid corrosion is to use galvanized metal products, particularly for mild steel. Galvanized products are coated with zinc, which is corrosion resistant. The galvanization process effectively seals the metal and reduces the progression of any corrosion.

It’s no accident that galvanized products like metal roofing, RHS, pipe, and other products are so widely used. Galvanized steel protects very large areas from corrosion. Even if minor scratching occurs, the small areas of corrosion will be stopped by the zinc coating, protecting the rest of the surface.

In the agricultural sector, galvanized metal has been the must-have characteristic of just about every building, every roof, and many types of agricultural products for generations. These products are very hard wearing, sometimes lasting for decades in good condition.

Protective Coatings

Reliable coatings are also used to prevent corrosion and protect exposed metals. These coatings are special paints that seal the bare metal against the weather and atmospheric moisture.

In modern metallurgy, special paints and seals are best practice and they are used in much the same way as the galvanizing process, reducing the spread of corrosion.


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